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What's happening in this summer ?

Dear Parent,

Greetings from Scholarminds !

The mail updates you with Holiday Programs for Scholarminds students.

1. Bridge Gap Sessions: ONLY FOR NEW STUDENTS. The sessions are provided to new entrants to help them cope us with Scholarminds methodology and cover few conceptual gaps through   labs/worksheets/discussions/customized training.

 Bridge gap sessions for students who are admitted to next academic year are FREE. 

 Bridge gap sessions to students who have not been admitted to Next academic year are charges at ₹ 15000 for a duration of 2 weeks- 2 hours on all weekdays as per assigned batches.

2. Doubt Clearing Sessions: Are available to all students who have studied in Scholarminds in past academic year and continuing to next academic year.

  The sessions are offered only when teachers have specified the requirement of such sessions.

3. Summer Workshops: Paid workshops for all students.  Details-

4. Other Facilities:  Students who are admitted for next academic year can come to centre on all weekdays between 10:00am-12:00pm ( Class 8-12) & 12pm-2pm ( Class 6/7) to avail library facility-FREE. Centre will facilitate the study environment to these students. Students will be guided for their specific queries ,do projects of their choice or solve/read any books of their choice.  But there will be no teacher led training sessions for these students.

Dos and Don'ts for Parents:

Parents are requested to send their wards to programs mentioned 1 & 2 above if specified by teachers.

Please DO NOT compare or compel students to attend sessions which are not specified by teachers.

Duration of sessions is also specified by teachers, which varies between 1 week-3weeks as needed in individual cases.

The queries and comparisons about activities of any other student will not be entertained. 

Queries about your wards performance and requirements will be welcomed and promptly addressed.

All parents are requested to comply with above & avail the appropriate facilities.

Wishing you happy holidays.

Thanks and regards


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