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Programs for Class 8-10

Boards, JEE/NEET Foundation / NTSE & Olympiads Coaching 


Program Overview:

  • Planned Training: Comprehensive CBSE/ICSE/IGCSE syllabus covered with optional integration of Conceptual Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics or Biology foundation curriculum.

  • Result-Oriented: Intensive and focused training for academic success.

  • Assessment: Prior assessment of students determines apt batches based on individual requirements.

  • Fundamental Programs: Specialized preparatory batches called "FUNDAMENTAL PROGRAMS" designed for Board examinations.

  • Integrated Batches: Offering extensive curriculum covering NTSE/Olympiads/RMO/JSO preparation alongside regular school curriculum.

Scholar Minds SMF offers a holistic educational experience, tailored for academic excellence and competitive exam success.


  • Holistic Curriculum Coverage: Embracing CBSE/ICSE/IGCSE boards with a focus on Foundation & Explorer Clubs.

  • Conceptual Understanding: Develop a robust grasp of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Mental Ability for competitive exams.

  • Structured Practice Sessions: Systematic Chapter-wise, Session-wise, and Term-wise practice sessions and test series.

  • Sci-Tech Exposure: Unmatched exposure to Sci-Tech applications, hands-on experiments, and study tours to industry exhibitions.

  • Beyond Classroom Learning: Yearly study tours to Science and Tech industries, exhibitions, and museums for enriching experiences.

  • Memory Skills Training: Comprehensive training in memory skills and mind mapping for improved recall capacity.

  • Individualized Mentoring: Tailored guidance for improvement in project presentations, communication, questioning skills, and self-learning.

  • Time and Stress Management: Mentorship in effective time and stress management, developing aptitude, mathematical, and scholastic abilities.

  • Inspiring Lectures: Series of lectures by successful industry personalities to boost morale and confidence.

Duration & Timings

April 2024- March 2025
8-10 hours per week
Weekdays and weekends batches

Inclusions in Fees:

Classroom Coaching, Complete Course Material, Online log in to each student for performance updates, Access to Tutorials, Test Series for Board Examination, Updated Test Series for Mathematics & Science Olympiads/NTSE, all hands-on learning experiments and Laboratory equipment usage, Project assistance to Science Exhibitions, Visiting fees for all Extracurricular activity viz Sci Tech Exhibitions/Industry/Museums tours. The Fees is inclusive of Registration, Admission Fees and all applicable taxes)

Fees are Subject to change. Visit your training centre for updated and applicable fees at the time of admission.

Added Advantage: 

​Scholarships Available only for economically weaker & deserving students.

Important Dates

Admissions and applications: OPEN NOW, till seats available.
Admissions granting dates: within 1 week from Application.
Assessment dates: Starting 1st Jan 2024, till Admissions filled.
Batch allotments : Within 3 days of assessment.
Program Start dates: 2nd week of April 2024

You can apply for a preferential seat where direct admissions are granted to few students based on their past School/ competitive exam results. These students are not needed to write an admission test to secure admissions. However as per the periodic assessments, the appropriate batches will be assigned to them.

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