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2022 Summer Programs 2022 - Mathsmastermind IQ Workshop.

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

ONLINE LIVE SESSIONS - NEW Batches Starting on18th April & 2nd May 2022

Sessions for Class 1 -7

Live sessions starting on 18th April 2022,

Class wise different batches.


20 sessions (1 hr every day)


Syllabus - Vedic Math techniques, Mental Math, Logical Reasoning, Puzzles, Games, and Activities.

How will it work?

The program will be held online.

Apply here to get your batch allocation.

A. PRE- CLASS : Every Week, before your live Class, we will send you -

1. Scholar minds Compendiums

2. Resources

3. Lesson videos

4. Worksheets & Question Banks

Sample Worksheets & curriculum -

Curriculum-mathsmastermid Workshop-2019
Download • 268KB


How your IQ lab activities look?

IQ lab worksheet
Download PDF • 615KB

Know how to Crack Olympiads - An immensely helpful USER GUIDE followed by hundreds of students

Final-How to Crack Olympiads (1)
Download PDF • 638KB

DIY - in Home Lab activities

B. During LIVE Class : Scholar minds Expert teachers will come online and teach you scheduled lessons in interactive way. You will have debates / Q & A and learning sessions with teachers and peers online.

Peep into your LIVE Class.

C. Post Class : You will receive DIY activities/ Assignments to do in home before your next live class. You can submit to your work to teachers online.

Download weekend DIY activity

Download PDF • 693KB

View your homework activities

D. Tests A certification test will happen live in the last session. All students who completed the course and cleared the certification exam, will be receive online certificate.


Max 15 participants in a batch


Many interesting , engaging PDF printable format of worksheets available to all online learners.

Earn fabulous rewards for solving Brain -gym puzzles and Mental Math Quizzes, Excitement filled learning

Helpline numbers:

7022617090 / 8197218205

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