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Euphoric Science Olympiad Modules

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In my third year at Mathsmastermind course, I have improved from non qualifier in Olympiads to the top performer is school and math Olympiad

Sai P

Comprehensive Maths Modules for
CBSE/ICSE/IGCSE/IMO/RMO foundation Regional, National and International Level Mathematics Olympiads.

Vedic Math I  IQ Lab I  Mind Mapping I Olympiad Problem Solving Techniques

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About Mathsmastermind:

A comprehensive Math-ability development program focusing on School Math, Olympiad math & futuristic competitive exam preparation.

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Admission Process:

On the basis of Scholastic Assessment Test for Grade 5-7

Only verbals Assessments for grade 1-4


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Euphoric Science YLP

Get Active - Fall in love with Science!

Available in Vignana Nagar ( Class 1-5)
CV Raman Nagar ( Class 6-12)
Brigade Metropolis-Mahadevpura ( Class 1-10)