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Global Scholars Club Summit-2024

Calling all young minds from Grade 1-10!

Give wings to your creativity and join our contest by submitting a video showcasing your talk, trick, observation, or innovation about

  1. math in nature. From the mesmerizing patterns of leaves to the symmetry of flowers, let's explore the wonders of math in the great outdoors!

  2. Science Project: Submit a video showcasing your project, experiment, observation, or innovation in the realm of science. From captivating experiments to groundbreaking discoveries, let's unravel the marvels of science together!

🏆 Win a grand prize of ₹50,000 Indian Rupees! 🏆

Let your mathematical imagination bloom and bring nature's numbers to life. Ready, set, film your math-inspired adventure! 🌟 #MathInNatureContest #YoungMathematicians #NatureExplorers

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