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SM's ScholarsClub offers Curated STEM programs designed by Expert Faculty 

to nurture young scholars.

Short term Workshops

Short Term Programs to Nurture love for STEM

Summer Workshops are conducted in the month of April and May.

2 Weeks Summer Programs include.

1. Mathsmastermind IQ Workshops.

2. Euphoric Science Workshops  

3. Lingo Scholar Language Workshops

Year Long Programs

Comprehensive Mathsmastermind & Euphoric Science Programs

Year long Programs are Comprehensive math-ability and Scholastic Aptitude Development programs focusing on preparation of School curriculum, various talent search examinations and Olympiads. The programs offer intensive learning experiences through Junior Scholars Lab in Math and Science.

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Summer @ ScholarsClub: Activities

Junior Scholars learn through:

100+ Engaging Activities

1000+ Specially designed Worksheets 

350+ Math and Science Lab Experiments

Quizzes, competitions and Test Series

Summer @ ScholarsClub: List

Junior Scholars at Mission to Learn

Exponential Learning. Early Foundations

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Summer @ ScholarsClub: Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Junior Scholar minds programs available?

The Scholarsclub facilities are developed in Scholar minds Training Centre in CV Raman Nagar, Bangalore. 
Juniors need special ergonomics and theme-based Math and Science Labs. So junior Scholar Minds Centres provide in person Classroom experience in Bangalore, India.
Courses are also available at select Schools in Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bangalore.
ScholarsClub courses are also available online for students in India, UAE & US.

Do juniors also need an Admission test?

No. Only students entering into grade 8+ need to write admission tests if they aspire for Scholarminds Foundation programs.
Junior Scholars ( Grade1-7) get direct admissions. However, they write assessment test are not Admission tests. These are assessment tests to understand the learning styles of our scholars. So juniors will have child friendly assessments- mostly verbal for very young learners.

Can I schedule a Centre visit?

You can have a prior appointment and Schedule a centre visit.

I have more questions. How do I contact ?

Fill you details and queries HERE. you will get a call back to address all your queries. Alternatively- You can call us on 8197218205

Summer @ ScholarsClub: FAQ

Summer programs  2023 : For grades 1 - 7


DIY hands on science experiments,

debates, Olympiad quizzes and mind maps.

Duration: 20 sessions of 1 hour each

Batches Starting in

April 2023


Fall in love with Math like never before.

Lab based approach to learn Problem Solving, Vedic Math & Mastermind techniques, Olympiad Quizes & mind maps.

Duration: 2 weeks, 1.5 hours Mon-Fri

Batches Starting in April 2023


Start your scholarly journey to master English Language. Creative writing, Vocabulary , Reading and comprehension.

Duration: 20 sessions -LIVE Online / Offline

Batches Starting  in April 2023

Summer @ ScholarsClub: Events
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