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On a bright fresh morning in April, 16 students entering in Class 5, gathered together in a class of Science.

" Good Moooooooo..ning Mam" they greeted in unison as the teacher entered in classroom.

With a cheerful greetings seeing a teacher with a big tray filled with vegetables and fruits in it, the group was clueless, if their teacher was going to teach science or planning a cookery workshop for them.

After an excitement filled greetings and introduction of each student, teacher learned that out of 16, 9 children introduced themselves as TOP rank HOLDERS in Schools and Medalists in Science OLYMPIADS.

The fun began.

Teacher asked them their favorite food, hobbies and various things related to eating habits and their body anatomy.

Majority of kids agreed that MOST FOUND food items in all their favorites like Sandwich, burgers, Rice Pasta etc were:

  1. Onions