2019 Results for Boards & Olympiads


Claa 10 ICSE

Aditya Deb-94%

Class 10 CBSE


Class 10 CBSE

Revanth- 92%

Class 10 CBS

Lavanya S - 91%

Class 10 ICS

Harsh V-92%

Class 10 ICSE

Aparna Patil- 92%

Class 10

Khushi Patel -89%

Class 10 CBSE


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Scholarminds CBSE Board Scholar

What and how they learn

Our Board Scholar sharing here experience about how she achieved her TOP Ranks in Board Exams


Our Scholars Preparing for a bigger world

Know Whats our Scholars say

Work of our scholars speak more than there flashy academic records. Check out unedited videos of real time sessions within the premise.


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Gateway to world of Innovations

We encourage our young innovators to convert the knowledge from and beyond the text books;  to real tangible application projects.


2019 Results for Boards & Olympiads

Rishit Pavate-IMO-Gold Medal.jpg

Rishit Pavate
Gold Medal

Class 3

Aditya S G-IMO-Gold Medal.jpg

Aditya S
Medal of Distinction

Class 2

Raunak Biswas-NSO-Gold Medal.jpg

Raunak Biswas

Gold Medal

Class 3



Gold Medal

Class 9



Gold Medal

Class 9


Silver Medal

Class 6


Silver Medal

Class 7



Gold Medal

Class 7


Explorer clubs

Junior Scholars Review

Our Junior Scholars are mentored and nurtured with special care to inculcate strong fundamentals and love for learning. 


A Bridge Gap Scholar 

Know Whats our Scholars say

In holidays, in summer, in noon..
when students come to Math & Science sessions, daily for 2 hours and sit through the class sessions and participate actively.
Our Bridge Gap Scholar Sakina, talking about the sessions.


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