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Euphoric Science Summer Workshops -2023

Explore Sky through Sky Probing Telescope

Perform numerous Sci-Tech Projects

Quizzes/ Riddles/ Activities

Learn Presentations in team

About Workshop:

Fact File : 2000+ students transformed.

100+ batches delivered.

STEM program that challenges the young scholars to challenge their Limits.

The Main aim of this course is to promote awareness of Scope, Opportunities, proper utilization of science and technology inventions & innovations keeping in mind the well-being of all living beings on Mother Earth.
The Workshop explores the young minds to exciting Sci-tech themes every day.



From Kitchen Science to Robotics,
From making spectroscope to exploring Jupiter's Moons in the Night Sky,
From parachute making to exploring their aerospace interest,
From making their own rheostat to regulate the current to generating electricity through orange... Euphoric Science workshops children get the opportunity to fuel their enthusiasm.

Ample resources are supplied to them within monitored environment.

The age-appropriate experiments are designed to facilitate the infinite exploration possibilities to young minds and help them see the wider horizon of science and technology applications.

Duration and Schedule

The complete Course is spread across 40 modules of 30 minutes each.

The course is conducted 2 hours per day from Monday to Friday for 2 weeks.

Batches starting in April and May 2023

What do students learn?

Weekend Sci-Tech School offers the series of workshops focusing on Science and Technology concepts and tries to bridge the Gap between Text Book Learning & the Real Life Applications.
Each student is made to actively participate in the brain storming sessions and Science Team Quizzes. Everybody's participation is the key to fun and building competitive & exciting learning environment
Students have a vast expanse of curriculum, out of which the group chooses the activities based on theme of the day. The themes varies on topics based on Environment, Human Body and Systems, Magical phenomenon of Chemicals, Experimental Physics like Electricity, Sound and Heat related topics.
One of the sessions will be held in evening where students will explore an amazing view of Summer sky through high end Telescope and spot the Planets, Craters of Moons and constellations which carry an ever lasting memory of the summer.


Every child except JR2 group writes a test on the first day and a certification (qualifying) test on the last day of the workshop, to assess his/her improvement.


6-8 yrs(JR1)
8-10 yrs(Jr2)
11-13 Yrs (Jr 3)
14+ Yrs(Jr4)

Admission Process:

To Apply now- Click Here


Visit your nearest Centre to get registration code generated.

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