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Passionate Educators & Mentors

Sundar Sir 2.JPG

Sundar DK

Chemistry Trainer & Counsellor

Since joining Scholar Minds Eduventures Pvt Limited, Sundar DK has consistently brought passion and dedication every single day. His experience makes him a most sought after student counsellor.

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Smitha G

Mathematics Trainer & Mentor

Energetic and driven, we were thrilled when Smitha G joined as our Mathsmastermind Expert Trainer. Smitha  is always excited to take on the next challenge and push our team forward.

Bhavani Ma'am.JPG

Dr Bhavani

Physics & Mathematics Trainer

Loved by students and staff alike, Bhavani brings knowledge, enthusiasm and joy to Scholar Minds Eduventures Pvt Limited. As our Senior Teacher, they have been an invaluable member of the team.


Sheetal Bhalerao

Edumentor & Counsellor

A founder member and passionate students counsellor, Sheetal plays a pivotal role in maganging staff and students at Scholarminds


Supriya Bhatnagar

Mathematics Teacher

With a systematic and methodololical approach, Supriya helps students visualize an abstract subject like mathematics and consistently works towards bringing in continuous improvement in her students performance


Swathi C

Mathematics & Science Teacher

With her immense involvement and a decade years + experience of working with all age group students, Swathi makes the difficult looking concepts interesting by adding her teaching techniques.


Ashish G

Physics Trainer

Passionate, hard working and known as a Physics and Mathsmastermind, Ashish ads an enviable edge to students knowledge and skillsets in the defining and scoring subjects like Physics, Mathematics and Mental Ability


G Mandal

Senior Teacher

With his patient approach, G Mandal offers a pace and space to his each student, helping them overcome Math phobia and achieve the desired excellence in facing mathematical problems and challenges effectively.


Akshata Gandhi

Junior Centre Coordinator

Akshata has been consistently working with young olympians to help them achieve higher milestones. with her 6+ years experience in working with young achievers, she offered valuable inputs to her each student in improving their performance.


Dr Sonali

Assistant Teacher

With Strict disciplinary standards and a very systematic approach, dr Sonali makes biology a subject to achieve perfection. Her special techniques help students master the important skills to outperform in her subject.



Senior Teacher-Physics

Physics is logical and so is this passionate trainer, who eases the difficulty level by sharing so many real life applications. His students display better questioning skills day by day after spending more time with him.


Mathsmastermind Trainer

Energetic and driven, Poonam  joined the team and started deliving  the MathsMastermind programs in engaging online sessions, completely mesmerising participants in her batch. Dr Poonam is based in Divyashree Republic of Whitefield- Bangalore and also conducts online sessions.

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