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Each of our Scholars work towards Breaking their OWN past performance records. Meet them.


Yakshit S-Class IX

CBSE, Olympiad aspirant

Scholar Mind's A Blessing.

Scholar Minds has helped me overcome difficulty in Maths. The classes are very interactive. The subject faculties are very clear with the topic. The classes have a very peaceful environment. It is very helpful.


Sidharth-Class IX

CBSE, Olympiad Aspirant

Scholar Minds has helped me improve in studies.

The classes are very interactive.


Manasa-Class IX

CBSE Board Exam Aspirant

Scholar minds is a very good educational institution. It is very helpful. Able to score better marks in school because of Scholar Minds. Teachers are also very helpful and teach really well.

Scholar Minds has a really good environment.

Aditya Gopinath.JPG

Aditya-Class IX

CBSE Board Exam Aspirant

Can understand all concepts easily.

Method of teaching is different from other institution. Room facility if good. Timings of tuition are comfortable.


Risheek-Class IX

CBSE Board Exam Aspirant

The teachers are best as they clarify my doubts easily. They are kind. I like the teaching method as it helps me in coping up in mental reasoning questions.


Shankar-Class IX

Studying in Scholar Minds since 2015. ICSE Board Exam Aspirant.

Teachers are very good and sincere. Extra classes are given for missed classes. The faculty is experienced and trained. The explanation for tests is good.


Spurthi-Class IX

CBSE Board Exam Aspirant

Scholar Minds is very helpful, it helps with school syllabus. Physics and Chemistry teachers are very helpful. Scholar Minds is very educational and we learn new things everyday. It is helpful. Very peaceful and adaptive environment.


Swadhismita-Class IX

CBSE Board Exam Aspirant

Scholar Minds is a very educative place. Our teachers give us a lot of information. They are very informative. The extra information and better teaching always makes us ahead of everyone. We learn with fun and lot of interest because our teachers teach us very well. We enjoy the interactive classes. 


Pritham-Class IX

CBSE Board Exam Aspirant

All classes are very interactive. Regular tests taken. Teachers answer all doubts. Very peaceful environment. Very strict teachers.


Sanjana-Class IX

CBSE Board Exam Aspirant

Teachers are kind and solve any problem we have in their subject. They give us test after each chapter is finished. They check whether we have understood the concept or not. Explanations of all sums are good. They pay attention to every individual students.


Kiruba-Class IX

CBSE Board Exam Aspirant

Scholar Minds is a coaching center aimed at explaining concepts, deeply to the core of student's minds, yet simple and powerful. The environment here is welcoming.

Sai Sreekar.JPG

Sai Sreekar-Class IX

Studying in Scholar Minds since 2016. CBSE Board Exam Aspirant.

I, Sai Sreekar PCV am studying in grade 7. Scholar Minds has an eco-friendly environment and interactive sessions with awesome teachers. The teachers explain the topics in a very simple manner and in a easily understandable language. The best teachers whom I know are Shraddha ma'am and Supriya ma'am.


Aparna-Class X

CBSE Board Exam Aspirant

Faculties are really good, they teach properly. Physics numericals should be practised. They give us extra information about the chapter or particular topic, regular test are conducted. So, its helping me a lot, I'm understanding better. I'm improving a lot. Scholar Minds thanks a lot!!

Lakshmi Srisarvani Vemuri.JPG

Sarvani-Class X

CBSE Board Exam Aspirant

Scholar Minds faculties teach very well. Physics sir teaches numericals very nicely. The test in Scholar Minds very difficult, but after practice, we can write very well.

Siddharth C.JPG

Siddharth-Class VII

CBSE, Olympiad Aspirant

Scholar Minds is a place where we can interact with our friends and teachers. we get to learn new things and facts. We get to learn how to score good marks for out school. We get a nice interactive way of learning. They also teach how to get good marks in Olympiads. The best teachers in scholar minds are Shraddha ma'am and Supriya ma'am.


Khushi-Class X

CBSE Board Aspirant

Scholar Minds has been helping us in all ways possible. I would really thank them for their constant support, especially I would appreciate that my doubts are being cleared even on non working days for grade 10. Scholar Minds connects the students with each topic in depth and its worth coming here. Thank you so much for enlightening us.

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