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Updated: Dec 17, 2020

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Sessions for Class 8/9/10

CBSE/ICSE -Board Preparation

Foundation program for NTSE/Olympiads/JEE/NEET Foundation


Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics for CBSE/ ICSE Boards Mathsmastermind Techniques

Reasoning and Olympiads problem solving techniques

Mentoring and customized learning plans and modules for all active participants

A. PRE- CLASS : Every Week, before your live Class, we will send you -

1. Scholar minds Compendiums

2. Resources

3. Lesson videos

4. Worksheets & Question Banks

Scholars Testimonials on ongoing Batches

Course Insights:

See your Pre Class Assignment:

B. Students who have completed and submitted Pre Class assignments, will be given access to LIVE class with Subject Expert Faculty.

Schedules of LIVE Classes: 10 hours per week.

This is how your Live classes happen.

C. Tests are conducted LIVE, online on each topic.

Test Schedules: Weekly Topic wise tests.

D. Students take and submit their notes, questions in an interactive and prompt responsive system. The system aims at greater problem solving and excellent retention of concepts focusing on hand writing practice.