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Scholarminds for Schools

Updated: May 5, 2020

Are you a progressive School?

While other Schools and educational institutions thrive to survive, the Progressive Schools & Institutions ADAPT and IMPACT.

We help them to Achieve this impact.

What will we do?

Systematic, result oriented Live sessions for School Children for

Class 1 -10

Subject : Mathematics and Science


Summer courses - 20 sessions per subject.

Year Long Curriculum - 180 sessions per subject.


Comprehensive School curriculum as per boards.

CBSE and ICSE has different structures. The Schools and Boards curriculum outline will be integrated & followed.

How will it work?

Each school will have separate log in portal for assigning classes

The school will do the administration about admiting children in respective classes.

Each student will receive a log in portal details.

Classes will be conducted LIVE by Scholaminds Expert faculty

Daily report and access to recorded sessions will be available to School authorities.

Unit tests and term tests will be conducted online& report and results will be shared with parents.

You will receive confirmations and timing of your batch as per our Class/ Program availability.

A. PRE- CLASS : Every Week, before your live Class, we will send you -

1. Scholar minds Compendiums

2. Resources

3. Lesson videos

4. Worksheets & Question Banks

Find the program details below:

Download PDF • 1.23MB

Know how to Crack Olympiads - An immensely helpful USER GUIDE followed by hundreds of students

Final-How to Crack Olympiads (1)
Download PDF • 638KB

DIY - in Home Lab activities recommended to School Students

B. During LIVE Class : Scholar minds Expert teachers will come online and teach you scheduled lessons in interactive way. Students will have debates / Q & A and learning sessions with teachers and peers online.

Live Classes go like this:

C. Post Class : You will receive DIY activities/ Assignments to do in home before your next live class. You can submit to your google class.

D. Tests A certification test will happen live in the last session. All students who completed the course and cleared the certification exam, will be receive online certificate.

Why Scholarminds?

A reliable, high repute Institute with a leauge of passionate educators, dedicated to deliver the quality education

Profound copendiums, resources updated with Experts key inputs

Greater satisfaction nad happiness quotient in learners and parents

Transparent system and open mined communication.

Helpline number:


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