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Learning is to Mind as Food is to Body!

Why should we study when it's a lockdown ?

A kingdom in ancient India was once cursed by the Rain God-Indra that he wouldn’t shower on them for 12 long years.

All people, including the ruling king started moving away; asking shelters and work in neighboring kingdoms, except one farmer named Devadas.

He kept on working in his fields for several years even though there was not a drop of rain.

All called him a fool. One day curious lord Indra himself came to him and asked- “What makes you continue work when you know the situation here?”

He replied- “Because if I don’t, then I will forget how to work, loose my skills and when actual rain comes, I will be useless. And my soil will turn to stones. ”

Lord Indra was moved by his answer and blessed him with the prosperous kingdom.

Morales of the story:

1. We will conquer Corona, sooner or later! Do not take the situations as excuse for not working!

2. When in hard time you keep going, rewards are greater than expected.

Learning should never stop because the world needs more learned generation- which is YOU!

And as working is to farmer, studying is to you!


Do not stop learning!

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