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Indians are exposed to many deadly viruses, making coronavirus feel misled when entered in them!

Coronavirus was CONFUSED!

A Young Scholar said this when asked-

Why Indian population has been experiencing lesser impact of coronavirus in comparison with other western countries?

Others say-

In India every child is vaccinated for BCG within one year of its birth. This may have helped Indians.

India has a younger population in comparison.

Indians may have been infected with such virus a century ago and their genetic matter has immunity in it.

India's Climate- Hotter than others!

....There can be numerous reasons.

In every challenging situation, there is a solution. There is an Invention. There is positivity and fun.

Let's discuss with our young Scholars - our children, the reasons so that they will be directed to RIGHT and BETTER Inventions in future.

As a mentor, we need to give the right starts to young minds.

Choose the wise mentors @ Scholarminds.

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