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Year Long Programs

Comprehensive Mathsmastermind & Euphoric Science Programs

Year-long programs are comprehensive math-ability and Scholastic Aptitude Development programs focusing on the preparation of School curriculum, various talent search examinations and Olympiads. The programs offer intensive learning experiences through Junior Scholars Lab in Math & Science.

Euphoric Science Programs

Admission Process


Every New student will take up an an assessment based on basic mathability and reasoning


Assessment report will offer insights for Program schedules and contents for individual students

Batch allocation

Batches are allocated to all eligible students


What to look for in Junior Math Mastermind-YLP Comprehensive Programs

Junior Mathsmastermind Programs are comprehensive Mathability development programs for Class 1-7 class students. Its a must for every student of class 3+ to take up a free assessment test before enrollments. Based on the assessment, the Focus contents and the lesson plan is given to the individual students.
The assessment tests are being conducted at all respective Mathsmastermind Centres. The students will be admitted on a first come first serve basis after assessment test results.

For Class 1-7

Comprehensive Mathsmastermind Program


3 hours per week
10 months

Curriculum Coverage

For strong Fundamentals

Math & IQ Labs

Cover varied concepts of mathematics through systematic labs and activities

For School Exams

Academic Curriculum

Complete School curriculum ( ICSE/ CBSE/ IGCSE) where students get help in preparation of all School tests

For speed & accuracy

Mathsmastermind Techniques

Covers age appropriate mental math techniques for all mathematical operations

For better problem solving abilities

Logical Reasoning

Complete IQ enhancement and logic development curriculum comprising of reasoning & quantitative aptitude based problems, puzzles, riddles and activities.

To promote competitiveness

Olympiads/ Talent Search Exam Preparation

International and national Olympiads and talent search examinations curriculum with systematic test series and detailed evaluations.

For long term retention

i-Mind Memory and mind mapping modules

Mnemonics combines with mind mapping modules

Mathsmastermind Programs Gallery

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