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Summer Programs- Mathsmastermind IQ Workshop.

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

ONLINE LIVE SESSIONS - NEW Batches Starting on 5th April 2021

Sessions for Class 1 -7

Live sessions starting on 5th April 2021

Class wise different batches.


20 sessions (1 hr every day)


Syllabus - Vedic Math techniques, Mental Math, Logical Reasoning, Puzzles, Games, and Activities.

How will it work?

The program will be held online.

Apply here to get your batch allocation.

A. PRE- CLASS : Every Week, before your live Class, we will send you -

1. Scholar minds Compendiums

2. Resources

3. Lesson videos

4. Worksheets & Question Banks

Sample Worksheets & curriculum -

Curriculum-mathsmastermid Workshop-2019
Download • 268KB


How your IQ lab activities look?

IQ lab worksheet
Download PDF • 615KB

Know how to Crack Olympiads - An immensely helpful USER GUIDE followed by hundreds of students

Final-How to Crack Olympiads (1)
Download PDF • 638KB

DIY - in Home Lab activities

B. During LIVE Class : Scholar minds Expert teachers will come online and teach you scheduled lessons in interactive way. You will have debates / Q & A and learning sessions with teachers and peers online.

Peep into your LIVE Class.

C. Post Class : You will receive DIY activities/ Assignments to do in home before your next live class. You can submit to your work to teachers online.

Download weekend DIY activity

Download PDF • 693KB

View your homework activities

D. Tests A certification test will happen live in the last session. All students who completed the course and cleared the certification exam, will be receive online certificate.

Max 15 participants in a batch


Many interesting , engaging PDF printable format of worksheets available to all online learners.

Earn fabulous rewards for solving Brain -gym puzzles and Mental Math Quizzes, Excitement filled learning

Helpline numbers:

7022617090 / 8197218205

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May 06, 2020

Thank you for your response. Mathsmastermind is a transformational course to get rid of Math Fear and enjoy Math. Look forward for more fun.


My son who is studying at 6th std has taken this course. He never used to understand the concept and found it difficult, but after joining the classes with scholarmind he is able to understand and finding it easy.

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