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Facts & How they Act. Know what's right for our children.

We intend to do the best for our children.

We want them to be-

1. The best students

2. The happy souls

3. Healthy and vibrant group members

4. Achieve academic results

...and many aspirations, which will make them BETTER than what we have been!

Well, this in not very difficult, if our actions are aligned with our aspirations.

Let us look at below factual event.

We experimented with set of high school children and below is a summary that will amaze you.

We showed a Pythagoras theorem to first time learners through animated video. The class had 10 children and the video was played for 6 minutes.

1. 100% children told they like watching videos and learning through videos.

2. After 24 hours- Only 12 % could retain or explain what they learned by watching a video and what is the real application of that concept.

3. Only 3% could tell the Pythagoras theorem and its application correctly.

4. 0% students initiated further questions and NOBODY interacted with other students in the group to understand the concept.

5. 70% children loose interest after first 3-4 minutes of video watching and thought of watching SOMETHING ELSE.

Conclusion: Faster they learn, faster they forget.

No human interaction- is a serious harm to the learning process

Questioning ability reduced, leads to boredom and exponentially reduced learning ability in future

We came back to our methodology and did below:

The class for Pythagoras theorem for the first time learners is scheduled for 1.5 hours.

Students are made to form 2 groups and discuss about types of triangles. The quiz is held for - all properties of triangles and finding the applications of right angles around them.

Students told stories about fire station ladder, Greek history ( A teacher never had this in plan)

Students are encouraged to IMAGINE and derive their own laws to find the sides of Right angled triangle in different conditions and with variable inputs.

Thereafter every child did a Math lab to understand how Pythagoras theorem is derived and applied with different numeral functions.

The last 10 min of class was spend in drawing a mind map on the activities of the class.

Conclusion: 100% students enjoyed the class

98% students remembered and told the concept correctly and were clear of any confusions.

100% students interacted with each other and were screaming with joy, even at END of session due to Quiz results.

See our class pics here

While time is RIGHT, and is in our Hand, Take right decisions for our children.

If you need one free counselling session on how to bring back the Intelligent and Interest quotient in your children, get in touch with us!

Enjoy learning.

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