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Answer WHY and win Scholarships worth ₹12500. Last Date: 15th June 2019

Science is not about just Answers. It's about questioning your answers to go deeper. If you want to fall in love with science the way our Young Scholars do, send your reply to Q2 with your explanation and win a chance to get Scholarship upto ₹12500.

TO participate,

1. Leave your answers in comment box

2. Send your answers through Whatsapp to 8041749495/8197218205

3. mention your name, email id and class studying in.

Terms and Conditions apply.

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1 comentário

Syed Suwaid
Syed Suwaid
11 de jun. de 2019

Q1: b. A glass containing water

Q2: b. Humid air/Water vapour

Name: Suwaid


Class studying in: MCA 2nd year

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