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Scholars' Clubs

Sensational Talent Hubs for Young Learners

Junior Scholarminds' clubs offer variety of activities viz. IQ labs, Math Labs, Reading, GK Quizzes , Young Explorers' Zone, Olympiad Zone, Games Zone etc.
The Club members attend 1 workshop per week, customized to their chosen talent area.
Joining clubs offers an experience of joyful learning to new junior scholars.
Since very limited members can join these clubs, memberships are offered only against invitations or referrals by present members.

Clubs: Activities

Junior Scholars Clubs for Class 1- 5 Students

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Euphoric Science Club

1 workshop every Saturday
Time 9:30-11:30am
Numerous Sci- Tech activities,
projects, labs & quizzes
Yearly science fairs and science tours


Mathsmastermind Club

1 workshop every week.
Duration: 2 hours 
Math & IQ Lab activities
quizzes, projects and customized
theme based worksheets


GK & IQ Lab Club

1 workshop every week.

Duration: 2 hours 

Numerous GK Quizzes & worksheets

IQ lab activities, reasoning skills & games,

projects and worksheets


Olympiad Club

Olympiad question bank and quizzes.
Olympiads covered- Math, Science, GK & Computers/Cyber Olympiads

Clubs: Activities
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FAQ's about joining Scholars' Clubs

Who should join club? 

If you are a new visitor or a new learner in age-group 5-11, joining clubs will give you first hand experience about Junior Scholarminds functional and experimental activities. Junior learners who are entering to class 1-5 can consider joining clubs to explore their talent areas.

How often the workshops are conducted?

All clubs workshops are conducted every week once, duration 2 hours.
Clubs operate throughout the week.

What is the difference between regular Math & Science Academic programs and Club workshops?

Regular math and science programs are comprehensive academic excellence programs with vast curriculum. Students come in class-wise batches . Admissions to regular programs are granted as per assessments. Duration of regular Programs is whole academic year.

Club workshops are specific talents and skill development workshops. The curriculum & activities are focused on chosen talents. Clubs membership tenure offers flexibility of joining the club one time, 1-month, 3 months, 6 months and for a year.

Students in clubs are grouped as per talents and abilities, not as per class that they study.

How can I join Club?

If you want to join the club, you need to fill the form for your wards talent area and wait to receive an invitation.

I am not sure of my child's talent area. Can I book a trial/demo workshop?

You can book one time club workshop of your choice. You can get your child's assessment done at Junior Scholarminds centre , where the educators will help you to choose the right Club for your child.

What is the cost of membership?

New Learners can pay one time workshop fees as mentioned below.

Thereafter on selection of your talent club, you can choose the membership tenure.

Why do I pay registration fee?

Registration fee is charged ONE TIME only to new members. The registration fees include your child's free assessment, a complete goodie bag for new members.
In case of Club memberships are full, registered members will be given a preferential waitlist id and they get preferences to join club when memberships reopen.

Clubs: Price List

Membership Fees

Euphoric Science Club

Registration: ₹ 500

One Time Workshop- New Learner- ₹ 550

4 Workshops( 1 month)

 ₹ 2000

12 Workshops ( 3 months)

 ₹ 5500

25 Workshops ( 6 months)

 ₹ 12500

40 Workshops ( 12 months)

 ₹ 18500

Mathsmastermind Club

Registration : ₹500

One Time Workshop- New Learner- ₹ 450

4 Workshops( 1 month)


12 Workshops ( 3 months)

 ₹ 4400

25 Workshops ( 6 months)-

₹ 8500

40 Workshops ( 12 months)

 ₹ 14000

Olympiad Club

Registration : ₹ 500

One Time Workshop- New Learner- ₹ 450

4 Workshops( 1 month)


12 Workshops ( 3 months)

 ₹ 4500

25 Workshops ( 6 months)

 ₹ 8500

40 Workshops ( 12 months)

 ₹ 14000

Clubs: Gallery

Club Activities Gallery

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The Summer Programs are cutared and specially designed for Talent Park High School students after thorough understanding of students, teachers feedback and learning loss and challenges faced due to covid. The high impact summer program will be delivered by Expert Faculty members of Scholarminds Eduventures, supported by Learn and Inspire  initiative of MESDS

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